BANG THE BOX. Workshop with Damien Poulain

Damien Poulain created the flags that are part of the PRELUDIO exhibition during an artistic residency in Ibiza, inspired by the electronic music that plays on the island. In this workshop, with the techno theme Bang The Box as a starting point, the artist invites children to draw what he feels and translate it into colors and shapes. With this material, they build masks expressing their emotions and participate in a collective performance. At the end, they can take their work home.

About Damien Poulain

Damien Poulain is an artist working in design, architecture and the built and natural environments. His practice transmutes influences from Shintoist, primitive and heraldic symbology, as well as contemporary material and digital culture, to propose a universal visual language. Through an evolving range of formats including textiles, painting, sculpture, and ephemeral architectural volumes, he devises glyphic systems of geometry and colour. These codes raise questions about the ways in which humans relate to each other, to their surroundings, and to the mystery of existence.

Poulain’s work is nomadic and contextual in nature and ranges from monumental interventions to small-scale paintings, which he produces in ongoing series linked to place and time. In addition to public spaces, which are Poulain’s preferred canvas, his work has been displayed in solo exhibitions in London’s Kemistry Gallery and KK Outlet; in Tokyo at Calm and Punk Gallery and Claska; and in group exhibitions at the Museum of Graphic Design in Breda, Holland, and the 21_21 Museum in Tokyo.